Make MND a Notifiable Disease

Make MND a
Notifiable Disease


Hi everyone,

I would like to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible absolute amazing support over this campaign it has been overwhelming and astonishing how powerful the MND community really are, thank you all again.

Of course I think we all know that it went so well because we had an incredible absolute champion driving it that of course was Belinda not me.

Without Belinda, Sue, Tracey, Lytfiye, Colin, Noddy and Richard we would not have got there, and the work from Mark Hipwell, Thomas Crimo and his father Ian and Aaron, I can’t thank them enough for their outstanding efforts and work that they did in time we had.

A big shout out to Fred Molluso and his faithful companion Gus and Maxine Gee both fellow MND sufferers who were with us all the way to the Prime Ministers office and opened his eyes to how we get mistreated and what we don’t get compared to rest of the world.

Of course none of this would have happened at all if wasn’t for the kindness and time of the amazing Jane Simpson who returned my phone call from her ‘Let’s Talk MND’ Podcast you know exactly what we are going through as you yourself have been down this shit road a big big thanks to you Jane.

There are so many many more people to thank the only way to thank everyone is to hope what we have ALL DONE gets the recognition it deserves so once again THANK YOU TO ALL.





11 March 2024
A Victorian truckie fighting motor neurone disease is embarking on the most important road trip of his life, on a ride-on mower. Warren Acott is driving to Canberra to demand more government help in the search for a cure.

About Woz

In July 2023, Woz received the devastating news that he had MND (Motor Neurone Disease) – a degenerative and ultimately fatal condition. His decline since then has been rapid and, at the age of just 66, he has found himself living out his days in an aged care facility.

Refusing to lose all control over his life, he has decided to dedicate the last of his strength and energy towards his mission to Mow Down MND. That is, to ride his lawn mower from his home in Toolleen, Victoria to Parliament House in Canberra in order to ask the government to make MND a Notifiable Disease.

Why? Because if MND were a Notifiable Disease, more research could be done into the causes of it which would ultimately contribute towards finding a cure.


What is MND?

There are a lot of very clever people who will give you the medical information, but for me, it’s ya worst NIGHTMARE that has shoved its hand up ya ARSE and ripped out ya GUTS, ya HEART, ya SOUL, ya PRIDE and ya FEELINGS, and thrown them over the ones you love the most, showering them with YOUR SHIT they DON’T DESERVE.

You tell people you have MND and the first thing they say is, “That’s what that footballer has, isn’t it? What’s his name?”
That’s right, that’s it.
I have never met that powerful man, or his courageous family, and I hope I show no disrespect in any way by saying it’s not his disease. It’s ANYBODY’S. And for YOUR SAKE, if you’re still reading, I hope YOU, YOUR FATHER, MOTHER, BROTHER, SISTER, GRANDPARENTS, GRANDCHILDREN or ANYBODY you know don’t get it.
There are many great people such as Neale Daniher, his daughter and many many others – including support people – who bend over backwards to help! So so many – Dr Rowe, Jane Simpson, Jade from MND and all the team from Heathcote Health. These people and many many more are the HEROES amongst all this SHIT.
For my bit – to hopefully stop YOU from getting this HIDEOUS DISGUSTING THING – is to ride my mower to Canberra and present them with a petition to make this a NOTIFIABLE DISEASE which would make a HUGE IMPACT on HOPEFULLY FINDING A CURE.
It’s not a protest, it’s not a demand. It’s just asking for a hand, a LEG UP. It’s an invitation for people to come out and see what 800 people plus their FAMILIES AND CARERS look like. Eight hundred because that’s how many die from this NIGHTMARE each year, while another 800 and more will get it. The numbers are INCREASING EVERY YEAR.

Why the mower?

It’s the only way I can get around at home.
So I’m asking you for help with SIGNATURES, donations if you’d like to help that way – although I’m more than happy to cover the cost of the trip – and a show of support in Canberra so we can get together and show what 800 people look like. I am out of my depth, I can’t do this alone, and I want to do it right.
I want to do something… anything… I just don’t want to sit here and DIE.

Thank you, WOZ


Woz met with the Prime Minister on Thursday 21st March


All updates and information on the journey and how you can support Woz will be posted on our Facebook page so please share page and keep an eye out for updates. Your support is much appreciated!



11 March 2024
A former truckie living with motor neurone disease is riding his motor-mower from Victoria to Canberra, aiming to convince our leaders to boost research into the condition.



11 March 2024
A Victorian truckie fighting motor neurone disease is embarking on the most important road trip of his life, on a ride-on mower. Warren Acott is driving to Canberra to demand more government help in the search for a cure.



In this podcast episode, Woz bravely shares his journey with MND so far and begins to speak about his mission to Mow Down MND.
Thank you so much to Jane Simpson from Let’s Talk MND for creating this beautifully safe space to share.



Ride of a lifetime: 800km on a ride-on mower for Motor Neurone Disease
Warren Acott estimates the 800-kilometre trip to Canberra on his lawnmower will take 12 days.

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